Namaste and Welcome thank you for visitig my site.  Awakening Tantric Energy Spa Massage is a established  Wellbeing Healing and massage practice which offers relaxation, meditation, and erotic tantric massage service’s in Central and SW  London and is operated by Crystal an Independent ITEC Qualified NLP Holistic Practitioner.

About my service and the Tantric Massage that I offer. I hope that you are here because you are looking for something different a super intense experience which will take you on a higher level of intimacy. A wide range of services are offered, whether you are seeking some relaxation rejuvenation or sensual healing or to learn new techniques to enhance intimacy you have come to the right place. 

 Tantric Massage  can helps  with Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation  and heal emotional trapped traumas, and when release with tantric massage it opens up the chakras and energy centre in the body  enabling the flow of kundalini sexual energy which released trapped emotions allowing the body to heal and experience pleasure which  can  also lead to multiple orgasm  helping to regain Intimacy or restore lost libido.  It is Profound.   Tantric Massage  is not just about sex and orgasm.  It has immensely healing benefits when carried out by suitable  professional trained Qualified therapist. You will not want to orgasm the way as you did before.  

Perhaps you have tried tantric before and not sure if it is tantric or erotic massage that you had this is where my service is unique You will experience Kundalini Energy I will first relax you using Powerful ancient tantric techniques to  stimulate sexual energy and awaken kundalini energy which is located  at the base of the spine and direct the energy throughout the entire body with special breathing techniques  delaying climax and build Sexual Energy and direct the energy through out the entire body You will experience the difference from an ordinary Orgasm as wells the healing benefits. What I do have to offer is far more superior to ordinary sex, Tantric Massage is better, Please respect my boundaries and you will have an amazing experience with me. I am a highly trained and experienced UK therapist, My training includes attending legitimate tantric training here in London and overseas directly with tantric masters. That include intensive hours and years of training and practice workshops. 

I will welcome you into my temple a discreet peaceful quite  ambient unrushed relax sacred space specially adorned  with candles incense soft lightings and object of desire with sensual and spiritual ambience. You will be welcome with open   arms, I will use Ancient Sacred Tantric Ritual  Techniques  to enhance your experience to awaken your senses, Heightening your arousal bringing you into a higher intense state of ecstasy peaking to the edge and back  you will be guided into tantric orgasm techniques where you will experience the difference from an ordinary erotic massage, I will take you to a higher level of intimacy,  Awakening your senses and take you to place’s that you never know existed within your body sexually. 

To find out more please have a look throughout my site if any thing I can help you with please get in touch I am available daily from 11 am till- 8 pm for bookings. A minimum of 1 hour notice is required  for same day booking for in or out call. If I am unavailable please leave a message and preferred method of contact I will get back to you.  contact Crystal 07934896268  I do not respond to private callers or text enquiry. 










Namaste Crstal