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Hawaiian Massage originated from Hawaii is an ancient massage treatment carried out on a professional massage  table. The recipient  is covered with a sarong. Generous amount of oils are used to  help the therapist glides easily and  gain access areas that are hard to reach areas.  The Massage pressure varies from light to deep long stokes on the entire body. The benefits of Lomi Lomi or Hawaiin massage is that it helps to restore energy and improve muscle aches and tension, It is like a  Swedish massage but with long flowing strokes of the fore arms rather than the palm of the hands.

  The Giver use Both swift, long and slow movements around the table on the receiver. The ancient sacred practises of traditional healers of the Hawaiians culture. Synchronising massage leaving you feeling completely relax rejuvenated and energized.

Lomi Lomi Massage 1 hr session cost £50