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Tantric Taster Erotic Massage


  1 hr -£80

90 minutes – £120

2hrs -£160


Clothes on Massage I am dressed in either a sarong or appropriate sexy clothing.  Erotic and Relaxation  Intimate Personal  Massage service using a combination Deep Tissue  and light Swedish  Techniques for the relief of Tension Muscle Tension using some Tantric style  element  breathing to control climax edging and prolong climax. This session can be customized to suit your needs with a Prostate Massage. The Entire Body is massage including the Back Shoulder abdomen  Scalp also the Lingham (Male Genital). (Yoni Female Genital) This Session is available as a 1 hour Session. The Massage is Carried out Professionally on a Massage Table.  High Quality Organic  Scented or Non scented Oils are used For the Massage. Longer sessions are available.

 Tantric Authentic Massage  

2 hrs – £200 

3hrs – £300

 Deep Healing and Erotic Tantric Massage a minimum of  2-4 hours is recommended to experience the true benefits of  this Authentic Healing Therapy. Full Body include the lingham the perineum groin area.  The Massage consist of classical type of various massage style implementing Shaitsu, Deep Tissue,  Prostate  Massage, Swedish, and Light Pressure, Body to  Body Slide Bare Skin, Yogic Stretch, Pressure point, Sound, Breath and Movement. incorporating various massage tools, Silk Scarf, Eye Gazing, Tantric Ritual Connection. You will experience the full benefits of how to separate  Orgasm from Ejaculation also experienced deep healing and Emotional release

Awareness and attention are focuss on specific areas of the body to trigger the release of trapped Traumas. and emotional release to allow the flow of  Kundalini a dormant Energy which is located at the base of the spine, When awaken feelings of tingling sensation and intense extreme Pleasure and  arousal can be felt. as a result, You will be guided with specific type of breathing Technique to Delay Climax  bringing you close to the edge and back with the wave f orgasmic Energy as it spreads through out the entire body enabling the body to be healed and become Super Orgasmic.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Similar to other form of massage, Tantric Massage is a full Sensual Body Massage Special Massage Techniques  are used by the Practitioner  during the Massage To guide the flow of Sexual Kundalini Energy a Dormant Energy which is  located at the Base of the Spine. When Awakens it promotes Healing Energy to the receiver. It is carried out in a Sacred Ambient and  Relax Atmosphere. It is beneficial for unblocking Deep Rooted Emotional Issues, Traumatic experience, Reduction of stress, helps with Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Restore lost libido Enhance Sexual Pleasure creating a harmonic balance also helps you to become more fulfilled and empowered.


Full Body Naturist Sensual Erotic Personal  Massage Service with Special Massage Lubricant.  The Massage include various type of rhythmical body movements,  Body slide, body on body,  Lotus Style, Using various parts of my Body and Bare Skin to intimately massage you. 

1 Hr- £150

90 min- £220

2hr -£300