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Tantric Erotic Massage


This level of massage service is suitable for you if it is your first, Time is of the essence, or if you prefer  Massage on the Table  or Professional Couch 

For this I am clothes in lingerie)I will  Massage the entire body including the male sex organ (Lingham).  In this session I will use ancient sacred Taoist Ritual tantric practise which include breathing and Tantric sexual exercise to relax you and awaken your sexual kundalini energy which is at the base of your spine bringing you in to a higher state of arousal to heightened and maintain sexual energy.


Tantric Taster 1 hr £80 

Tantric  Erotic Massage   1hr £150 In call/90 min £220/2hr £300/3 hr £300

For This Session you will need 1.5hr or 2 hr. I am  Naturist for this. The massage is carried out on a professional massage Table or traditionally on the floor. I will incorporate various method of  Tantric sexual positon and exercise technique during the massage.  The entire body is massage includes the entire Body Including the Genital Male sex organ lingham.   High quality non-scented/scented custom blend  Organic Oils  body are used for the massage. 

Tantra  is a Sanskrit word derived from the Root Tan  Meaning weave  expand. It is a system of practice which enables the practitioner to fulfil one’s  potential and  expanding  consciousness and self realization.

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage originated from china Tibet and India over 6000 years ago. It is an erotic  type of  sensual Massage. Special Massage Strokes and Breathing  Techniques are used by the practitioner during the massage to guide the flow of sexual energy Kundalini  which is located at the base of the spine, When this energy is waken it promotes healing and relaxation. The effect can last for days.

The Massage is carried out in a sacred ambient atmosphere. Various Method  including Cosmic Breathing and Tantric Ritual Massage Techniques is incorporate into the massage for healing  and heightening  sensual pleasure and rejuvenation.   Tantric Massage is beneficial for unblocking deep seated emotional issues. Helps relief traumatic experience, helps with premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, enhance sensual Pleasure, Restore libido.



Nuru Massage with Gels  Experience this very erotic Massage including long and deep body slides with my naked curves and Skin to Skin contact.  A deep and satisfying sensual  erotic experience you will enjoy.   1hr £150/90min £220/2hr £300

Hotel Visits 1 hr £180 Longer session is available please ask for details